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Hello friends:
After over a year in development, on 7/15/13, we launched SITTINGBRIDGE and its first product, NAPWRAP.  SITTINGBRIDGE is a company founded by Mona Dehshid and me.  And, NAPWRAP is a new product designed to effortlessly hold your arms in a comfortable cross-arm position during long trips. It helps you rest and sleep while sitting, especially for air travel since this is where you become most uncomfortable by being squeezed in tight seats for long flights.


A little background:
Designing a consumer product is quite different than my experience designing exhibit systems but the process is similar.  I can tell you, the physical and psychological considerations were very involved.  We strove for a design that is as minimal as possible because of the limited space we have in our carry-on’s and all the activities we have in our seats during the flight.  That’s why it’s compact, easy to use and easy to deal with.  To keep it minimal, the design uses your body as part of the working structure.  It may look simple but take a minute to check it out.  What’s new for us is using social media channels to get the word out.  It will be interesting and I’ll post the highlights and lowlights of the experience.   Please, let us know your thoughts and share.


Kickstarter is a way for the public to help fund the start-up of new, creative products and projects by backing the project at various levels.  In return, backers receive unique items produced by project, thank you’s and gratifying experiences. 


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