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Claudia! on Dec 20 2013

Let me say that I loved the napwrap and i have been using it to sleep at home and avoid the sun early in the morning. :) Absolutely perfect. I'll be looking at the website to buy another because during trips, it might be better to have two: one as arm rest and another as sleep mask. Thanks for the great product and wishing an enormous success with this product and anything else you can imagine.

Janathan! on Sep 14 2013

Hey guys, Got my nap-wrap about a week ago. I too noticed the velcro issue but it seems you guys are well aware of it. Am I the only person that's been using the nap-wrap for sleeping as well as napping? I've been using it at night and it's both comfortable and soft :D. You guys delivered this project within your timeframe without a hitch, congratulations!

Andy! on Dec 9 2013

Hey Bruce/Mona, received mine last week and finally had a longer flight out to Santa Clara to test it out. I normally get crams when crossing my arms for long duration while taking a nap and I can say the napwrap worked great. Great job!!!

Joe! on Dec 2 2013

Mine arrived today, and I am thrilled! Just tried it out - it works perfectly. I *love* the case that came with it, too. I'm leaving on a flight in a few days and will (of course) bring it along - and I'll print out a few copies of the SITTINGBRIDGE URL for the people who are sure to ask about it.

DrKito! on Nov 30 2013

Received my Jetblack NapWraps today! Great job Mona and Bruce! My wife and I love them and can't wait to use them. The all black (outside and inside) looks and feels great. On top of it all, not only is this the first Kickstarter campaign I've backed that was delivered on-time, but it was also delivered earlier than promised.

Sharlene! on Sep 13 2013

Hi! I wanted to know if we'll be able to order a Napwrap if we missed the Kickstarter campaign?? It looks fantastic and as a frequent traveler, a godsend! Thanks - Sharlene

Galit ~ Obduction! on Aug 28 2013

@SittingBridge I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I'm SO glad last night I was looking through the "ending soon" projects and saw yours! I immediately pledged and then emailed a friend the project link... he told me he pledged this morning. =)

I can't wait! Whenever I fly, that's my biggest problem... I can't stay awake to save my life and then my arms get all tired and sore from trying to "hold" positions. I saw your project and said "yup! that's for me!"

@everyone else ---> What a FANTASTIC idea/creation!! I'm super psyched and I recommend -anyone- that has ever flown, to get one (or two! - I got two, one for me and one for a friend). I would imagine it would be awesome for long (crowded) car rides too.... so think hard people! You have 19 hours to jump in on this wonderful project! =D

Amir on Aug 27 2013

It's a great ideaI bought few dozens and will give them to my customers who buy a carpet from my shop and fly next day wearing the napwrap they dream of a flying carpet while sitting in airplane ;)

Titan on Aug 6 2013

The napwrap is exactly what I need for my 15 hr flight in early October. Would it be possible for me to receive it before I fly?



Brandy on Jul 30 2013

At first I thought, "This is too simple." Then I thought, "Man, I would love a simple solution to being more comfy in transit." And then I love that you demonstrate other uses to the wrap. Sold. I look forward to trying mine and having more restful travels. I agree with Ben that an all-black option would be nice.


Arash on Jul 24 2013

Anyone who has ever done a 10+ hour flight in economy class knows about the fight over armrests and trying to have a few hours of sleep in a decent position. Napwrap is addressing this problem. Let others have those hard-as-rock armrests and free yourselves with this neat product.


Jonathan on Jul 24 2013

This is great, now I can take my weekly bus trips without having to settle with reclining so low just to have my forearms rest on those low armrests.


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Jim on Jul 16 2013

This looks much more comfortable than simply crossing my arms.




The Cute Armrest Band that May Help Get a Snooze in Coach. A new product for travelers, Napwrap, is designed to be easy on the wrists for sleep-deprived road warriors. / Sittingbridge



Carol Margolis on Aug 22 2013

 The napwrap is a personal armrest designed to help you relax while inflight, especially useful when stuck in a middle seat!



JetSetJason on Aug 25 2013

Check out the versatility of napwrap



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