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Napwrap, Travel Comfort, Travel Armrest, Sleep aid, Eye-mask, Ear-muff, Phone holder


SITTINGBRIDGE™ is a design firm dedicated to making travel and adventure even more enjoyable.  


napwrap™  targets travel comfort.  It’s a personal armrest for long, crowded and sleepless journeys on planes, trains and other public transportation. It is designed to help you relax and sleep by creating a comfortable way to hold your arms. It's compact and convenient for easy traveling.

Have you ever found yourself wiggling around in your seat trying to get comfortable and just can't find a good position?  Have you thought that it may not be possible - Not even for a baby? Check out our final episode of this series and let us know if you can relate.

Episode 4 of 4. Video by Evan Backer.  


Sitting for long hours in a tight space is uncomfortable and can cause health risks including DVT or blood clots.  Coach class seats in airplanes or trains cause fatigue quickly because you are not able to move around.  Even though the seats are designed ergonomically for sitting comfort, the time, space, boredom and tension become the problem.  Also, trying to sleep while sitting is very difficult.  Don't even think about how uncomfortable a middle seat can get with no armrest and squeezed between other people. The reality is that your most comfortable couch is not very comfortable if you sit on it for a long time without moving around.   The question is how do you get comfortable in a plane or train when you can't move or even get up very often?  There really are no travel comfort products out there that address the problems of travel comfort when considering back support, neck support and foot support.  We hope we can find a solution to this travel journey  misery.



bd  studios™  is establishing a new brand for travel accessories called SITTINGBRIDGE™.  This product line is aimed at making travel more comfortable and relaxing, especially in coach class.  Our first product napwrap™ is a surprisingly simple solution and addresses 2 of the primary problems we suffer with.  Our second product, scheduled to be released in May, has multiple uses that solve several of the other problems we face while sitting for long periods in confined space.  When these products are used in combination you will be able to enjoy much more comfort and rest while traveling.  We hope you enjoy these short videos.




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