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A comfortable way to support your arms and keep good posture while helping you rest & sleep in your seat during long crowded trips.

napwrap™ your personal travel armrest


  • The NAPWRAP wraps around either upper arm. It provides support for your opposing hand. Your other hand rests on top of your forearm.

    This combination evenly distributes the weight of your arms.


    - The exterior 2mm mesh is light weight, soft and breathable.

    - The inside is made from bamboo velour which is very soft to the touch and breathable. It’s fibers provide strength and flexibility.

    - The elastic strap provides adjustability to fit nearly everyone. Using a very fine extruded hook taps for attachment, the NAPWRAP conveniently rolls around your arm for when its not in use.

    Combined, these materials create a wrap that helps you nap. It's super comfortable and supportive. It’s convenient to use on either arm allowing you to switch sides from time to time.
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